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inBe: AI-Driven Personalized Growth Platform

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The Platform

Responsive Complex system 

My Role

UX/UI Designer

UX Research

The Challenge

Help alumni stay relevant in rapidly changing technology and job market trends.


About inBe

As a UX/UI designer working for a startup, I was tasked with designing a skills-based personalized growth platform. This platform was an AI-driven complex system designed to retain Gen Y and Gen Z talents, boost skills, and keep up with future trends. These generations are known for their desire to continuously learn and develop new skills, and they place a high value on personal growth and development. The platform was designed to help these talents stay relevant in the face of rapidly changing technology and job market trends.

The problem

The skill gap in the hi-tech sector is growing and companies are struggling to find and retain employees with the right skills.

Many employees do not receive the training and development they need to keep up with changing job market demands. This lack of support can lead to low job satisfaction and decreased productivity.

The solution

The solution was to design a platform that would provide personalized support for ongoing skill development and growth. The platform would use AI to provide customized recommendations for skill development and career growth. It would also provide access to a range of learning resources, including courses, podcasts, tutorials, and mentorship programs.

Research Findings

In order to design the platform, we conducted research to understand the needs and preferences of Gen Y and Gen Z talents. We found that these generations value personalized support and guidance, and they prefer learning through hands-on experiences and mentorship. They also value social connections and community, and they prefer to learn from their peers.

The World of Work is Changing


Cost to global economy due to Talent Shortage and Skills Gap (by 2030) 


of workers will need retraining (by 2027)


jobs will be lost or degraded by AI 


of Gen Y and Gen Z Millennials Plan to leave their job (2023)

Source: (1) $8.5T problem by Korn Ferry, (2)  The Future of Jobs Report 2023 (World Economic Forum), (3) Goldman Sachs Report   (4) nearly 70% plan to leave their jobs (LinkedIn) 

User Persona
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user persona.png
Competitor Analysis

Juno Journey


The content may not be as precise as desired
Sometimes updated with delays



Learning on monthly basis

Automatic process




Information Architecture
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Users Pain Points
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Feature List & Prioritization
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Low Fidelty
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What's your InBe?
Choose your career goal

Start by selecting your goal from the options provided: InBe come, InBe tween or InBe grow. InBe come is for those who want to improve their skills in their current job, InBe tween is for those who want to switch to a new career, and InBe grow is for those who want to expand their skills and explore new fields.


Reveal your hidden skills

The platform uses a combination of assessments to help you reveal your hidden skills. We'll analyze your hard skills, soft skills, interests, and hobbies to create a personalized analysis map that shows your skills and strengths. This will give you a better understanding of your unique skill set and help you identify potential career paths that match your interests.

Get your Personalized Growth Plan

Once you've chosen your career path, our platform will provide you with a personalized plan that will help you achieve your goal. This plan will include actionable recommendations for courses to take, meetups to join, podcasts to listen to, and other resources that will help you improve your skills. You'll be able to track your progress and adjust your plan as needed, so you can stay on track and achieve your goals

3# Pilot - User Engagement 

Our startup conducted a pilot program in NYC to introduce our innovative product to potential users. Allowing users to log in through our website makes it not only a marketing website but SaaS as well. This is similar to all of our competitors.


  • Enhanced User Engagement: The website aimed to provide users with a seamless and engaging experience by offering easy access to information about our product, its benefits, and how it can address their pain points.

  • Efficient Data Collection: We wanted to streamline the process of collecting user feedback, preferences, and usage data. The website would feature interactive forms and surveys to gather valuable insights from participants.

  • Analytics and Insights: The website would integrate analytics tools to track user interactions, engagement levels, and popular content. This data would help us refine our marketing strategy and make informed decisions for future iterations.

Key Features:

  1. Homepage with Product Highlights

  2. User Profiles

  3. Interactive Surveys

  4. Blog and Resources

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Learning & Takeaways

Recognizing the importance of continuous improvement was a key takeaway. Skills and technology trends are constantly evolving, and the platform needs to adapt accordingly. Building a feedback loop and monitoring user interactions allowed for iterative improvements and the introduction of new features that align with the changing needs of the target audience.

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