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Hube Studio: Digital presence for a creative studio


Responsive web design

My Role

Web Designer/ Team lead

The Challenge

Creating a digital presence that could convey Hube's dedication to enhancing company narratives, and leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

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About Hube Studio

Hube Studio is a leading brand experience creator. As part of the team, I asked to design a website that would mirror the studio's innovative approach to crafting exclusive brand experiences. With a portfolio boasting bespoke workspaces for international corporations and boutique startups, the challenge was creating a digital presence that could convey their dedication to optimizing space, enhancing company narratives, and leaving a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike.

The problem

Designing Hube Studio's website posed key challenges, including seamless integration of their distinctive brand aesthetic, effective storytelling with space optimization, versatile portfolio showcasing, intuitive navigation, and global accessibility.

The solution

We extended Hube's brand guidelines into the digital space, combined engaging multimedia for storytelling, implemented a dynamic portfolio, refined navigation through user testing, and ensured global accessibility with multi-language support and responsive design.

Research Findings

In order to design the platform, we conducted research to understand the needs and preferences of Gen Y and Gen Z talents. We found that these generations value personalized support and guidance, and they prefer learning through hands-on experiences and mentorship. They also value social connections and community, and they prefer to learn from their peers.

User Persona
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Competitor Analysis

Juno Journey


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Information Architecture
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UI Design

The process with Hube Studio led to the creation of a website that not only mirrors their dedication to crafting exclusive brand experiences but also serves as a testament to their expertise. The website has garnered positive feedback from both clients and visitors, with increased engagement and longer session durations observed.

By addressing the unique challenges posed by Hube's diverse clientele and global presence, we successfully delivered a digital platform that encapsulates the essence of Hube Studio's innovative approach to brand experiences.

Key Features:

  1. Homepage with projects Highlights

  2. Categories

  3. About

  4. Clients

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Learning & Takeaways

Designing Hube Studio's website provided valuable insights into creating a compelling digital presence for a brand experience creator. It emphasized the significance of harmonizing brand aesthetics in a digital space and highlighted the power of multimedia storytelling to convey expertise. The dynamic portfolio approach proved essential in catering to diverse clientele, and user-centric navigation played a pivotal role in enhancing engagement. Additionally, adapting to global audiences underscored the importance of multi-language support and responsive design.

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