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My name is Bar Keshet, UX UI Designer

I am a passionate designer with a background in industrial design. I have honed my skills in attention to detail and creative problem-solving, eager to bring unique solutions to every UX UI project.


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inBe: AI-Driven Personalized Growth Platform

Responsive complex system 

This platform was created to respond to Gen Y and Z talent's challenges in the job market. As technology rapidly changes, we help young talents stay relevant and marketable.

Sift Management Platform

Mobile UX/UI Design

The platform is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline and enhance the process of scheduling and managing shifts for businesses across various industries.


Mobile UX\UI Design

Playful and experimentally, the application promotes cooperation on the part of the children to make sustainability an attractive issue for young ambassadors.

MacBook Pro 16.png

Responsive Web Design

The website aims to educate about the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and to provide patients with access to practitioners who can offer treatments that address their specific needs.

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